Getting the Kids Excited about Eating Healthy

One of the best ways to get kids excited about healthy eating is by involving them in preparing it and deciding what they want on their plate.

Let’s face it; almost every parent automatically goes into a discussion about eating healthy with dread and failure written all over our faces. We go into that conversation expecting a battle, even if we know this one will be different than others because we involve them from the beginning!

Having you kids accompany you to a fresh fruit and vegetable stand not only help them stay healthy, it also helps make sure they're eating something that is good for their body. It's hard as an adult sometimes when we don't want our children to eat certain things because of how unhealthy or unpleasant the taste may be - so by letting your child pick out some produce themselves can really get those creative juices flowing in there!

Your child will love the fresh air and getting their hands dirty with picking fruit. Get the kids in on it! Make cooking an enjoyable and interactive experience by letting them help you out when they are old enough, from chopping vegetables or stirring the pot of soup - let them get creative with their favorite spices too!

Give kids the opportunity to explore it with healthy cooking. Kids who participate are sure to take away a sense of pride in their kitchen skills, which will serve them well for years to come!

Don't let your children dictate the taste of their meals with a constant barrage of "I don't like that! I want this!" A schedule will allow them to have input on what they'll be eating, but it also means you can make sure everyone is getting something good. Pick out some easy recipes from cookbooks or online for Sunday evening and then hand over control so there's no more fuss about dinner time.

By giving each family member a turn in meal prep, you give them the feeling of accomplishment and success. Take them to the store for ingredients on their "turn" so they can choose some healthy foods that will keep both mind and body fit! One idea is to make dessert special by preparing it with healthier ingredients like skim milk or egg whites--it'll be fun AND good for your heart too!

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