How To Set Up a Home Gym in a Small Space

Home Gym

One of the challenges to setting up a home gym is space. Fitness equipment can be extremely bulky. Treadmills are one of the most common pieces of home gym equipment. Like other equipment they can take up a lot of room. Consider these tips if you have a small space and want to set up your own home gym.

#1 Buy the basics. A home gym doesn’t need to represent every type of fitness equipment you’d find in a public gym. In fact, with just a few basics you can cover both your cardio and strength training needs. Consider your fitness goals. A treadmill, kettlebell weights, a balance or stability ball and a yoga mat may be all you need to get into great shape.

Home Gym in a Small Space

#2 Buy Compact equipment. Of all the things you’re likely to buy for your home gym, the treadmill may be the largest. However, you do have options here. You can purchase treadmills in a variety of widths and lengths. If you’re tall, you likely have a longer stride length so make sure you have enough space on the treadmill to run naturally.

Home Gym Tips

#3 Buy a folding treadmill. In addition to buying compact equipment, consider buying a treadmill that you can fold up and store in a closet or against a wall. This helps you make the most of your space. For example, a guest room can double as your fitness room. When guests come for a stay you can simply fold your treadmill up and store it.

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