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Home Gym Equipment

You can put together a cheap home gym that gets the job done if you buy the essentials. As long as you stick with this proven equipment list and stay away from the latest ab-flexor- you can’t go wrong.

The following are the highly recommended 8 home gym ideas and must-haves:


1) Dumbbells

Dumbbells are essential for the home fitness gym, necessary for presses, arm exercises, and even a few core exercises. There are many kinds of dumbbells out there, from the cheap to the boutique. All of which fall into one of two types: fixed weight or handles only.
Handles are plate loaded. It requires you to slide the weight plate on yourself and then fasten the weight with collars. Most handles are either Standard or Olympic. The Standard is smaller in diameter than the Olympic version. You’ll want to coordinate any plate loaded barbells you purchase with your dumbbells. That way, the plates are compatible. Olympic handles are pricier and longer. This added length actually takes getting used to on a few exercises.

2) Barbells

You need a good barbell, and, like dumbbells, they come in Standard and Olympic. Again, be sure that they’re compatible with your dumbbells. Although an Olympic bar won’t fit on a standard bench, a 7-foot standard bar will work on an Olympic bench.
A standard barbell set includes a 20-pound bar, 2 dumbbell handles (with collars), and 85 pounds of plates. A unit like this will run about $100. This isn’t a lot of weight, so you’ll probably want to buy more before too long.

3) Bench

In a genuinely cheap home gym, you can use any old bench for presses and one-arm rows. Make sure that it’s 2 to 3 feet wide and solid. A piano bench could work if it’s heavy enough. Otherwise, a picnic bench also works well. Get creative: you can put something under the front or rear to have an incline or a decline bench.

4) Rope Resistance Bands

Whether you are an expert athlete hoping to improve your preparation, a learner, or a specialist searching for a progressively successful exercise, these resistance bands set will enable your development for quicker and increasingly viable outcomes! Utilize these resistance bands to strengthen your muscles and build that ideal perfect muscle!

5) Swiss Ball

Although I think that these are somewhat overused, they can add a little variety to your home fitness gym workouts. In addition to making you look more sophisticated by simply having it around the house, they also increase balance and tend to strengthen the core muscles. You can find a swiss ball for less $50 plus free shipping.

6) Ab Roller or Stomach Roller

This Stomach Roller will take your body to the next level. Strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms, and legs with this premium-quality home gym equipment.

7) Stairs

If you have a few stairs in your house, you can add a couple of outstanding exercises. These include the lunge and the step-up. Since they elevate heart rate, both are good if you’re performing circuit training. And, if you live in an apartment building with several flights of stairs, your cheap home gym includes a free stairclimber.

8) Yard

If you have a backyard, you can always do basketball style conditioning drills, such as sprints and short intervals. Make sure to build up your joints and tendons first with slower, more deliberate strength training to avoid injury. And if you have solid walls, you could bounce a medicine ball. This move is good for ab development and keeping a high heart rate.

Now that you’ve built it using our home gym essentials, don’t forget to use it.

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