How Often Should You Run

How Often Should You Run

Whether you’re running for fitness or health the same question often pops up. How often should you run? The answer of course depends largely on your health, time constraints, and goals. Here are a few considerations to make which will help you answer the question for yourself.

#1 What Are Your Running Goals?

If you’re running for health then running daily is an option however, it’s not a requirement. Especially if you are active otherwise. For example, if you walk or rarely sit during the day then running every day isn’t necessary. You can run two to three days a week and still retain all the weight loss and health benefits.

If you’re training for an event you may also want to cut back to two to three runs each week. Then you can supplement your running training with other exercises like strength training, cycling, and yoga. And don’t forget to rest.
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#2 What Are Your Health and Fitness Goals?

Many people run for weight loss and to improve their health and fitness. Running can be a great way to accomplish those goals. However, running too much can cause injury. If you become injured then you’ll be set back. You’ll be sitting on your couch instead of working out. Avoid this! Run two to three times a week and supplement with other exercises. Walk. Do yoga. Ride your bike, dance, and get outside. Cross-train so you stay fit and uninjured.

#3 How is Your Health?

Running is great for improving health. However, too much running and not enough recovery time can weaken your immune system. If you’re strong and healthy go ahead and run as often as you’d like. Just take care to pay attention to your body. If you feel extra tired or like you’re fighting something, take a day off from running.

Likewise if you struggle with joint pain, consider running less often. It’s perfectly acceptable to walk instead of running or jogging.
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#4 How Much Time Do You Have?

Finally, how much time do you have to run? Weekend warriors can cause some damage to their bodies because they try to cram too much into the two short days of the weekend. One solution to the weekend warrior syndrome is to get a treadmill. You can walk or jog on the treadmill in the mornings or evenings while watching television.
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Treadmills can also help you cross-train as they can be easier on your joints. You can walk on your treadmill too, not just run. When contemplating the question about how often you should run consider how a treadmill can help you supplement your health and fitness routine. Consider your goals, health, and time constraints and how a treadmill can help you achieve running success.

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