How To Handle Eating At The End Of Your Detox

One of the main things that people think about is the end of their cleanse and what they're going to eat. You're coming off of a process where you detoxed your body, and you want to keep it detoxed for as long as possible. Your body is also not used to eating the processed and refined foods that you once ate before.

On the first day after your cleanse ends, you want to have three small meals based around these foods:

•fresh vegetables
•fresh fruit
•extra-virgin olive oil, coconut
oil, herbs, and spices

On day two, you can broaden your choices a little bit, still making sure to minimize your portions and to listen to your body.

Additions to your diet may include:

•Brown rice or quinoa
•starchy vegetables like a sweet potato

Day three can be your reintroduction of dairy if you want to bring it back into your diet. Start with small amounts of organic yogurt, eggs, and stay away from anything with added sugars.

Day four is the reintroduction of meats into your diet. Make sure to stick with lean poultry, fish, and lean red meats if you choose to do so.

After day four, you can add in other foods if you desire, but try to remember that you want to make sure that your eating and living a healthier lifestyle.

Some tips on what you can do to ensure your body stays healthy and strong are listed below.

•We can't stress it enough… Water!

•Stay away from caffeine and coffees.

•Eat all the vegetables you desire.

•Fruits are great too, in moderation.

•Continue eating those healthy fats and proteins.

•Stick with whole and organic foods.

•Limit your alcohol intake.

•Leave out the sugar and opt for a natural sugar in its place.

•Keep moving and sweating, get that exercise in.

•Don't forget about your sleep. Sleep is just as important when you're not detoxing as it is when you are.

•Always take care of your mental health and try to lower your levels of stress. Remember your mind detoxing tactics and implement them in your daily life.

Congratulations on taking a step toward a new and healthy body. Always make sure to check with your physician before starting any type of detox or fasting regimen. Be safe, take care of your body, and be healthy.

This concludes this week's report on natural detoxing tips and strategies. Taking steps toward a healthier body will be rewarding, and we wish you luck on your journey.

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