Find Daily Motivation To Run With These Fun Ideas

Daily Motivation

It takes great discipline to get on a treadmill every day and work out. You know there are health and fitness benefits to working out. Yet sometimes it’s just not enough. Sometimes you need a little extra push to motivate you. Consider these three suggestions to find motivation to run.

#1 Music

Many people find that music is the key. Turn it on while you’re getting ready to run. Find music that makes you feel good. Or look for music that has a heart pumping beat. There are many podcasts created specifically for runners. One such podcast is PodRunner. You can find PodRunner and other podcasts at iTunes. They’re free!

Handy MP3 players are now small enough to fit into your pocket. You can also buy an armband for the larger music players.

#2 Competition.

Sign up for a race and you’ll suddenly have the motivation to run. You’ll want to train to not only finish the race but to finish it well.

You can also compete with your friends online or off. Run together or simply compete to see who can log the most miles in a week or month.

#3 Make it Easy.

One of the simplest ways to make running easy is to buy a treadmill for your home. You don’t need to pack a gym bag, pay a membership or worry about the weather. You can run any time you want to. And if you buy one of the new technologically advanced treadmills they come with so many cool gadgets you may never get off your treadmill.

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