7 Important Accessories Your Treadmill Should Have

Treadmill Accessories

Treadmills come in all shapes, sizes and with an enormous variety of features and functions. There are so many options that it can be confusing. Here are the top treadmill accessories to consider.

#1 Treadmill mat.

A treadmill mat is an extra accessory. It’s not something that comes with most treadmills. It’s something extra that you’ll have to purchase. However, a treadmill mat can help save your treadmill. It prevents electricity to build up and it helps keep the dust and debris out of your treadmill belt and base. It can also protect your carpet or flooring.

#2 iFit integration.

iFit is one of the latest and greatest treadmill technologies. If you’re shopping for a treadmill visit the iFit store and read about the various features and benefits. You can get a treadmill that’s set up to integrate with iFit. This means the ability to track your calories and miles. You can also use iFit to run anywhere in the world. Imagine running though the streets of Paris or the forests of Germany. Or better yet, imagine running on the beach!

#3 Cup holder.

It may sound simple but chances are you’re going to want to drink while you’re running. Some basic treadmill models do not come with a cup holder. That’s okay because you can purchase a clip on cup holder. However the integrated ones tend to work better.

#4 Heart rate monitor.

When you run it can be extremely helpful to know what your heart rate is. This can help you make sure you’re working hard, but not too hard.

#5 Pre-programmed workouts.

Consider finding a treadmill with pre-set programs. The programs can help you get started on a treadmill. They also come in very handy when you’re just not sure what type of workout you want to do. Or if you’re feeling unmotivated. The program simply forces you to do the work – no decision necessary.

#6 Incline

A treadmill that has an automatic incline can be very useful. You can ramp up your treadmill and use it almost as a stair stepper. Also the include helps you simulate real world running. Experts recommend running at an incline of 1 or 2 for a better workout. It’s also easier on your joints to run at a slight incline.

#7 Fold away capable

If you’re tight on space or your treadmill is in a room that doubles as a guest room consider getting one that can be folded up.

Other accessories to consider include:

* Built in iPod jack so you can listen to your favorite music while you exercise
* Deck so you can read magazines or watch your iPad while you workout.
* Built in DVD player and monitor

Before buying a treadmill consider your goals and the purpose for buying one. Where will you keep it and how often will you use it. If your treadmill is going to be a part of your daily life consider getting as many bells and whistles as you can afford.

Consider the cost over time. Over the course of a year a $2000 treadmill will cost you five dollars per workout – assuming you work out every day. Over the course of two years that drops to $2.50 a day. Over the course of five years it’ll cost you less than a dollar a workout. That’s much cheaper than joining a gym!

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