What Happens During Detox

We all know what we want to gain out of our detox. Each person has different expectations and goals. However, one of the main ones includes removing the toxins from our bodies. During the detox, we go through the various stages of withdrawal, energy slumps, and, ultimately, an improved feeling of wellness and health. What really happens during the stages? In this email, we're going to talk about the three main phases your body goes through during a detox.

Phase One: Reactionary Phase

The Reactionary Phase is the first phase of metabolic detoxification.

During this phase, your body is reacting to the plethora of toxins by using enzymes (P450 enzymes) that turn those toxins into free radicals. Through this process, toxins change into water-soluble molecules, making it easier for your body to dispose of them through your kidneys, and eventually through your

Phase Two: Neutralization Process

Phase Two is your activation phase:

After your body completes the reactionary process, some toxins can be considered more reactive than they were before. During the neutralization process, these hyperactive toxins attach to other water-soluble substances. The attachment of these toxins helps to make it easier for your body to eliminate them through urine or bile by increasing their solubility. The technical term for this is conjugation reaction. This reaction requires metal ions or coenzymes to thoroughly complete the process.

Phase Three: Transportation Phase

Once these toxins are attached to water-soluble compounds, they have to have a way to leave the body. Your body is a magical thing, and within you, there's an entire city of cells, compounds, and fibers working hard to keep your body clean
and healthy. During this last phase in the detoxification process, the water-soluble compounds are neutralized and bound with dietary fiber. This allows them to be flushed from your system through excretion from your cells. Basically, you're taking the bad guy, throwing them in a cab, and sending him on his way.

The process might be scientific, but it can help to visualize what your body is
going through as you deal with the side effects of these processes. Whenever you're feeling down or struggling to stay on your detox, know that your body is reacting, neutralizing, and transporting the bad stuff right out of you.


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